Land-based casinos in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian Peninsula prides with a series of amazing land-based casinos. The competition is fierce, and every casino strives to offer the best experiences. Whether you’re a traveler to Scandinavia or just a local passionate about gambling, it surely pays to know where to go to win the most. However, don’t do it for the money; do it for fun. Today’s savvy players are well-aware that most casino games are based on luck. Sure, there might be some strategies involved when playing Poker and Blackjack, but then again, you can’t always think about that. Relax in the casino, enjoy the experience, and diversify the experience by trying out some of Scandinavia’s finest land-based casinos.

Casino Cosmopol – Malmo, Stockholm, Goteborg, Sundsvall (Sweden)
Elegant, pleasant and opened 7 days per week, there are actually 4 land-based Cosmopol casinos in Sweden. They can be found in the cities of Malmo, Goteborg, Stockholm and Sundsvall. Famous for their sophisticated and lively ambiance, the casinos feature games and slots for all kinds of players. With over 200 video machines and jackpot slots, Casino Cosmopol is a true show-stopper. Players must be over 20 years old to play, and the variety of games is spectacular.

casino cosmopol malmø sweden

Try your luck at 7 American Roulette or relax over a session of slots. If you’re a poker fan, the casino has a cardroom for you with 9 available tables. There are also weekly and monthly tournaments, as well as lots of facilities where customers can relax, including a bistro, restaurant, smoking room and entertainment facility. If you’re new to casino gambling, choose the Special Package Deal (free admission, a free meal and an introduction speech to gaming).
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Casino Copenhagen
Located in the capital city of Copenhagen, Casino Copenhagen is part of a 4* hotel Radisson SAS Scandinavia. Featuring friendly management and personnel, customers are welcomed with a series of 140 slot and video machines. Many offer progressive jackpots, as well as substantial bonuses and promotions. There are 20 terminals for touch-best roulette, several live table games, a cardroom with three tables, and 6 Blackjack tables. Casino Copenhagen cares about its customers a lot. They have several package deals that include meals, free entry tickets and even free gaming chips. The gaming currency used is the Danish krone, and players must be over 18 to enjoy the experience.
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Casino Marienlyst
Located in Helsigor, Denmark, Casino Marienlyst is one of the oldest in the country founded in 1902. Known as one of the most elegant all around Europe, this fabulous Danish casino welcomes players with a limited but extremely entertaining variety of games, including 60 jackpot slots and video machines, a touchbet roulette, several live table games, a cardroom poker, various tournaments and even a derby horse racing. Marienlyst Casino features many additional facilities, where players can relax such as bar, restaurant, a dedicated smoking lounge, hotel amenities and parking. Payout rates for the machines are extremely high, 93% and players must 18 to play.
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casino marienlyst denmark

Casino Odense
Located in Odense, Denmark, this casino considered one of the friendliest in the country. The game variety is limited but entertaining. Players must be 18 to play and the gaming currency is the Danish krone (they have an exchange onsite). With over 40 video machines and jackpot slots, several table games, three Texas Hold’em Poker tables, 8 touchbet roulette tables and 4 American Roulette tables, Casino Odense is a must-see. Furthermore, the casino prides with an outstanding customer service; the décor is both friendly and stylish, so players will definitely have the time of their lives trying their luck in any of the available games.
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The Royal Scandinavian Casino
The Royal Scandinavian Casino is located in Aarhus, Denmark. There’s an entrance fee, but once you’re in you’ll start appreciating the level of sophistication and glam of the place. There are 80 video machines and jackpot slots available for customers; as well as live table games, touchbet roulette, 7-card stud poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Blackjack. The casino offers accommodation and dining for its customers, so you can always lodge at the casino and enjoy the many perks offered if you choose to jump on the tables and gamble.
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Casino Aalborg
Located in Aalborg, Denmark, Casino Aalborg is ideal for business people because it is located very close to the airport. It’s an opportunity for you to mix business with pleasure and relax at the live table games or jackpot slots provided by the casino. They also have others games too, including American Roulette, touch-bet roulette, and Blackjack. You should know that the casino has an entrance fee in the form of a daily ticket (50 dkk). The currency you can play is the Danish krone, and minimum age is 18.
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Casino Munkebjerg Vejle
Don’t mind the name as it can be difficult to pronounce for both Europeans and Americans. Nevertheless, Casino Munkebjerg Vejle can still amaze you with its friendly, relaxing ambiance and great variety of games. It is located in Munkebjerg, Denmark and it packs 72 jackpot slot & video machines for avid players. Note that you have to be over 18 to be allowed to play. Among some other games you can enjoy, we should also mention Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, American roulette, Viking Stud Poker and the live table games. The gaming currency is one again the Danish krone and to enter the casino you will be required to pay an entrance fee.
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casino munkebjerg vejle denmark

There you have it, some of the best and most appreciated casinos in Scandinavia. We haven’t mentioned Norway; the country has some strict rules about gambling, and there aren’t any known casinos to enjoy your favorite games. In the meantime, you should visit either Sweden or Denmark. In Sweden, Cosmopol has monopoly whereas in Denmark there are lots of different casinos you can try out. Most land-based casinos in Scandinavia also have dining and accommodation facilities. This is to make the experience truly pleasurable and exciting. Make your pick and decide on the best place that matches with your preferences.